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Four Signs an Athlete May Be Using Anabolic Steroids

Enhancing performance is one key goal of every athlete. They either try to give it their all or they rely upon anabolic steroids. However, it should not be forgotten that using such medication not only produces positive results but also they do have some adverse effects. Such drugs decreases fat in one’s body and increases lean muscle. In fact it is quite hard to tell regarding an athlete that weather is he on medications or not. Though there are some indicators that can be used.

If an athlete’s hair and skin tone starts to change all of a sudden, this is an indicator of the fact that he is using anabolic steroids. These effects appear in short term. Such athletes have excessively greasy hair and their skin starts to become quite oily irrespective of whether they shower or not.  The skin tone also start to adopt a yellowish color know as jaundice. Also another effect that appears is of red and purple acne on face, back and shoulders. The human body is made up of mussels, and through hardcore exercises these mussels can grow and develop. Normal and slow growth is a sign of hard work and natural development. However, if a rapid change in an athlete’s mussels is seen, this is also an indicator of using anabolic steroids.

Steroids increases testosterone level present in the human body. This increase is can trigger in an athlete with a change in his or her psychology. Such change would result in the disturbance of one’s life style and produce more problems than solutions.  Athletes who use anabolic steroids are seen to behave aggressively and violently.  They may face episodes of rage, often referred to as “roid rage.” Other psychological changes that can be seen in an athlete under steroids are paranoia, anxiety, insomnia and even hallucinations.

It is important for athletes to maintain a proper diet. Their appetite should be appropriate. One of the most extreme changes that anabolic steroids can bring upon an athlete is of the change in his or her appetite. He or she could either remain extensively hungry at all times or steroids to either kill one’s appetite completely.

Along with the other changes in an athlete is a pure indicator of the use of anabolic steroids. In the sporting world and in the eye of the law using such sort of performance enhancing drugs is prohibited and heavy sanction can be applied in found guilty.

However majority of the players are involved in such cases due to the fact that their career is based on their performances and efficiency. According to them something is completely legal if it is not know.

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