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Natural Alternatives to Steroid Cream

Eczema is an illness to which most doctors provide steroid cream as a cure. However, use of these creams only suppresses ones illness and not cure it from its roots. Together with this deficiency, the use of steroid creams lead the lowering of the immune system and it also causes the skin to become thin. Another consequence of such products is it makes the patient more venerable to other illnesses.

Use of natural remedies is more effective and is free from side effects. These include dietary restrictions, use of emollient creams, exposing one to ultraviolet light, taking herbal medicine, reducing allergens in the home, using evening primrose oil etc.

Dietary Restrictions:

Eczema is sometimes triggered due to the food allergy. Studies show this is often the case with infants. Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Australia came up with the results that 44 out of 51 infants are allergic to cow milk, peanuts and eggs. If an infant is seemed to be feeling the effects of eczema, any sensitive food product should be removed for a minimum time frame of six weeks, though with the consultation of a doctor the abandoned food group could be added back.

Use of Emollient Creams:

These are used for sore skin and avoid itching.

Exposing One to Ultraviolet Light:

For the Eczema patients ultraviolent light is quite beneficial. Spending a bit of time in the sun without sunscreen would help them recover in their illness.

Taking Herbal Medicine:

Herbal medicine have been one of the most efficient and cost effective technique in the curing of any disease or illness. These medicines are free from side effects and help the patient recover for the illness in the shortest of the time. However, herbal medicines should be taken under the supervision of an herbal medical specialist. Studies show that Chinese Herbal Therapy has proven to be quite beneficial for the patients of Eczema.

Reducing Allergens in the Home:

Studies show that through reducing allergens in home will also be helpful in curing Eczema. Allergens like dust mites are one reason for Eczema. Dust mites can be removed through various ways including direct exposure to the sun light, which kills them or by regular washing of the bed.

Using Evening Primrose Oil:

In order to ease the effects of Eczema, evening primrose oil can be helpful. Though this has not yet been proven to be true but it is worth a try. Evening primrose oil can be taken as in the form of a capsule or the capsule can be broken up and can be mixed in food.  If the results do not come up within three months then this process would not work.

 Avoid Scratching:

During Eczema there is a desire to scratch the affected area. Doing so will worsen of the illness and would irritate more. The best cure is to rub or press the area. People have undergone the process of hypnosis in order to avoid scratching. For babies, scratch mitts can be provided to them.

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