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Feds bulk up team for Clemens’ steroid retrial

Recently athletes of baseball game protest against the mistakes and decisions taken by mistake. The management excused for a mistake that the decision took against Roger Clemens was not rightly ended. Roger Clemens is an ex-player who played many games and won many titles. Now many players are in hope that they will also be given chance again because their cases may also be wrong and they may score some good if they are given any chance again. Because one mistake of an administration against a famous player had given them chance to re-challenge the decision of committee when Roger Clemens claimed that he had used steroids but they were prescribed by doctors for his health and he did not know that those medicines would make him culprit.

Roger had hired few more lawyers for his case and now his case become stronger that he may come back in coming Olympics or may be in next Hall of Fame. Reggie Walton who is a famous judge in California, a district of U.S.A. told that during the hearing in court on July 2011, the lawyers of Clemens presented false proofs which were not in the favored of him. Reggie will again handle his case this year as he had ordered for the selection of prosecutors and decision may come after about four to six weeks.

A lawyer named Ty Cobb who previously worked as a prosecutor and dealt many cases but now he only fight for the cases of those people who had some remarkable past and are now suffering for any false case. So he study the cases of only such decent people but he commented that the case was Roger was also crucial as in first hearing it was half succeeded but few mistakes postponed the decision but now the prosecutors which he hired will surely save his career as they are more experienced than previous one.

Cobb also said that the decision of Clemen also puzzled him as he saw few lawyers in a court during the hearing of same case.

Spending lot of money on such case is just a big foolishness because according to Reggie some layers commented previous year that this case would give them no benefit as it is just a waste of time.

Stan brand is another lawyer who dealt such cases from 2005 and resolved some cases of drug-consuming players. He said that it does not make any difference if Roger chooses as many lawyers as he can.

Here the question is not for the Roger that how many prosecutors he is hiring but here, Congress of Baseball will also bring their best lawyers as to prove that their decision was not wrong against Clemens.

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