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Steroid users can’t rationalize in Hall of Fame

Hall of fame is the group of players who are selected for awarding medals or certificates for their awesome career. In some countries, there are few buildings which are built in the memory of those outstanding players.

Who are steroid users? They are those people who consume drugs which have a lot of side effects and sometimes may lead to death. When they use such medicines, they observe dramatical changes in them as they feel more relax than before, gain weight and enhance muscles. We can find such persons easily as their body structure, thinking and behavior towards people change within few days. Sometimes they become more aggressive, live their life alone and often their will power and decision making skills are vanished.

They consume these drugs either orally or in injected form but they both have obviously long-lasting effects.

Michael S. Weiner is the director of Major League Baseball (MBL) and he was given this responsibility in 2009 but he was already in the management of MBL from 1988 then he started giving suggestions and ideas to players and also worked as a prosecutor. He took such a big decision regarding those players who used steroids that they can be in Hall of Fame which is really a surprising decision by such an authoritative person as such players mostly won all big titles which were illegal and they all steroid users were also punished in their time.

Weiner while delivering a speech at national press club said that if we directly point out such players then there are two possibilities that either they were really steroid users or we are just calling them culprit if we do not like them so taking decisions for those players are not as much easy.

Then he had given another condition that we should wait till any decision comes after blood and urine tests of those players but again taking their test would decrease the self respect of their management as some of the players were already dismissed from playing anymore due to its consumption else if Alex Rodriguez would have scored more than 700 runs in his career of baseball but he was also one of the player who was blamed for using steroids.

Roger Clemens also used those steroids and he accepted it but he told that he used it for his better performance and to get relief from pain so it might be possible that Weiner will travel to Washington for his case as to finalize it before selecting him in Hall of Fame.

Weiner may forget his responsibility regarding those players who were steroid users and were blamed due to the reason of consuming those drugs. So this decision will finally be reviewed in coming week.

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