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Steroid eyedrops can lead to blindnes

Eye drops contain salt and some other chemicals which are useful but also have some side affects if used for long duration. Several drops are prescribed by doctors according to our condition and diseases of eyes. But they do not have as much side effects.

There are several ways for inserting the drops in our eyes. First we should wash our hands with any antiseptic soap as eyes are precious gift by God so we should even touch them with our clean hands, then we should check the date of expiry that can we use it or is it expired already.

Steroids are also used but in routine for some specific duration for infected eyes. Sometimes physicians prefer drops over surgery as they are easy way to tackle diseases. Sometimes our eyes get infected again if we do not use them on proper time or if we consume them for long time.

Sometimes we feel burn in our eyes when we put them and it is one of the side effect of these steroid drops so we should meet our doctor immediately when we feel such symptoms. We should let him aware about all diseases of eyes so that he can prescribe us correct medicine as a treatment. Sometimes these drops are avoided in few conditions when a woman is either pregnant or if she feed her child, then doctors seek any other way instead of giving drops as a medicine.

Steroids are very much useful when they are used for right purpose as they are consumed for many diseases i.e., diseases of kidney, lungs and intestines.

Sometimes we feel blur vision while using steroid drops but sometimes they even cause severe problems as we can loss our eyes due to them and then they require surgery. So in such conditions, we should stop using them. These side effects are occurred when we do not use them in right amount.

We should not try any medicine by our own as there is no alternate of eyes so we must be careful in this matter. Even using steroids by our own choice is also dangerous because we do not have any idea about the diseases of eyes or even we do not know that we are using correct dose or not which makes a large difference.

Some cases are proved in U.S.A. where several people are blind, and Glaucoma is the second most common disease which is one of the reasons of their blindness and this disease occurs when we use steroids continually as a habit.

The cases of 10% children are registered of allergies of eyes out of which 3% children are those who were using steroids as a medicine so we should avoid misusing them as to keep ourselves safe.

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