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Jessica Howard, 27, was sentenced to five years in prison for steroids

An officer caught a woman who supported her ex-fiance in trading the harmful ad health-hazardous drugs by which they earned about 250,000 dollars in a year and jury had taken a decision that she would spend some time in a jail.

Jessica Howard was put in jail for five years when her age was 27. Civilian layer Andy Sievers told that she was caught while helping her ex-fiance in November and it was extended duration of five years for first when a lady was punished for distributing drugs which might be the reason for many side-effects on the health of people. Prosecutor Sievers told that her duration of punishment can be shortened if she performs some specific tasks which would be imposed on her by the judge, James Flannery.

Sycamore Township is in U.S.A. where she was living then Jessica migrated to the famous city of Egypt which is Alexandria was punished for two smuggling cases of steroids and was also a part of depraved group. Warren County is a district of U.S.A. A lawyer from there commented in a news that Jessica was involved in such business of selling those drugs to not only youngsters but also to other distributors from June 2010 and continued till one year to July, 2011.

Sievers expressed his views that Howard and her ex-fiance spread drugs locally from Tennessee, which is south-eastern state of U.S.A. to Ohio, which is the central state in the western region of U.S.A. He further stated that there were two other person who were also punished for doing same business. Kenneth John Freeman who had committed many crimes including rape of a child and also he was also put into jail for the duration of four years when his age was 46. Another person was a WWE fighter Chris Carnage belonging from Hamilton, a state located in Canada, was also put into jail for three years.

A person named Geraci bear a witnessed against Jessica in the March but the decision of his own case will also be announced in June for which he had already submitted an application.

Sievers told that about 12-13 people were caught doing the same business of trading the harmful steroids and their cases are also started while some of them have apologized and are punished for few months.

Herbort collected some sample of steroids from Tennessee in which powder and some chromatic olive oil was mingled which was originally supplied from China and were packed in small bottles of glass for local selling there. The actual price of that bottle was 25 dollars but steroid users paid different amount ranging from 85 to 125 dollar for a bottle which gave maximum benefit to its sellers.

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