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Alternative remedies for kids allergies? Not yet

Herbal remedies though look promising in their advertisements and all their talks but one should remain cautions regarding their select.  If the child is affected by tree and grass pollen, the caring parents might have thought to have opted alternative allergy course. A few pointers should be taken in view of these decisions.

According to the latest researches and lab experiments, evidences shows that natural herbal remedies have no curing effect on kid’s allergies. In the lab a scientific procedure was followed by the therapist for this claim. The tests included the effects of such remedies on cells, then moving forward to animal testing and finally over to human trials. All such experiments came up to a dead end. Though using these remedies has no harmful effect one should also know the fact that the evidence proves they do not also cure the allergies.

Many parents are concerned regarding the fact that long term use of allergy medications would be dangerous for their children. This myth should be forgotten, because in this modern time, such medications are being improved and regularly tested. In reality there are numerous safe and good medications that have no side effects at all. Veramyst and Nasonex are nasal steroid sprays recommended often in priority to other medications. Together with this antihistamines including Allegra and Zyrtec, if required, are found to be most suitable allergy reliefs for majority of children. Also such medications are free from side effects.

A saga deep within the minds of parent’s lives on today relating steroids is that such things are to be avoided in all circumstances. However, this needs to change. Inhaled steroids have much less side effects as compared to the oral or injected steroids. Though use of oral steroids causes much significant range of physical damage, it should be made clear that inhaled steroid is a package that comes with benefits with minimal effects. Such steroids could be taken in for long term periods. The side effects include occasional nose bleeding, sore throat and minor hoarseness. It should also be brought to consent that intake of natural remedies is in fact intake of natural steroids present in herbs.

Use of nasal washes is a vey good idea and is not discouraged by the doctors at all. Though the process is a bit irritating but it produces prosperous results and many can benefit through this technique. The process includes liquid made up of salt and water poured in through one nostril and out the other one. This is a really good way in clearing out the nasal passage.

The bottom line is the medications available in the market are safe and produces favorable results for an effected individual and one can experience few side effects. Nasal wash also helps relief ones allergy. In conclusion it should be taken to notice that herbal remedies are, as for now, scientifically not proven to be of much help.

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