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Anna Watson denied use of Anavar Steroids

The refusal of Fayetteville junior Anna Watson to take on a modeling contract worth $75000 annually because it would require her to take steroids has earned her a lot of fame and reputation. She was scheduled to appear in ABC’s “good morning America” a while back, when she explained her reasons of turning down the contract. She turned down the offer because she would have had to take anavar which   is used to increase strength and muscle mass in the bodies of the users. She was supposed to become a fitness model, having been in the cheerleading squad for a long time. Some of the positive effects of anavar include muscle mass and strength in the muscles of the upper and lower body. Depending on the amount of exercise one will put in and the  foods one will consume when using anavar, one is bound to gain a lot of weight and mass in their muscles.

The refusal may have been because of matters of integrity-not cheating the rest of the public that they can achieve what she has achieved without some help from steroids. Being a controlled substance that is also illegal, she may not have wanted to be found on the wrong side of the law. From what many people gather perhaps the main reason she may have refused this contract was because of the long-term health implications of using steroids. Whatever the reason she decided to turn down the offer is really not the issue, the issue here is anavar; otherwise referred to as oxandrolone

Oxandrolone is famed for its building of lean muscle, which in essence translates to a lot of strength for the user. Another reason it is famed in the market is because it is very mild on the live, such that you can get away with a high dosage for a long time. Being a mild steroid, anavar needs to be used in high amounts for a long time for one to see any effects. Even with this high dosage, you can expect that any Virilization will be negligible-one of the reasons it is very popular with users. It is also the reason it has been used medically for the treatment of people suffering from AIDS and other diseases that cause muscle wasting. Side effects include the suppression of testosterone, a hormone that is found mostly in men than women but is still important of the building of strength. This may lead to the building of fat if you do not keep up with the amount of exercising and dieting you have been used to. Most of the gains will be reversed when you stop the use of anavar, which means an addiction aspect.

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