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Baseball Hall of Fame, steroids and history

Cooperstown is the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum where the artifacts such as the bat used by Roger Maris’s for his record home runs in season, all miraculous records set by players, management and unforgettable achievements by individuals and teams are displayed. Thus, it stands up to its motto of preserving history, honoring excellence and connecting Generations.

Late Roger Maris set the record of 61 home runs in the single season of 1961. The bat used by him is a treasure of the national baseball hall of fame and museum was first handed to Mark McGrew, the person who was likely to break Maris record. He felt very privileged holding it. McGrew then went on to score 70 home runs and setting a new record. Subsequent to that, other players such as Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds emerged who wiped out all the long time records. However, the new stars of Baseball were alleged of steroid abuse and this put the National baseball hall of fame committee in dilemma of whether these players are worthy of a spot against the legends of the game or not as it is known that steroid use in any sports is against the policies.

Mark McGrew has been admitted to use steroids to enhance his performance but others such as Barry Bonds who broke McGrews record of 70 home runs with 73 home runs in single season clearly denies the charges against him of steroid abuse.

The museum, as stated by the officials, is a place of example to the younger generation and the sports lovers. Displaying the artifacts of the so called cheaters in the game could morally have a negative impact on the youth who look up to their heroes and may want to follow their steps. They want to convey the message to everyone that steroid abuse is not only offensive to the law but harmful to the person’s body. 

BASE (Be a superior example) is a program backed by the NBHF and hall of famers to promote a healthy lifestyle and to make youth aware of the harmful effects of steroid use. The museum also displays true stories of players admitting to the use of steroid and its side effects. They cannot deny that baseball players long time relationship with the drugs but they want to open a path in future where they have a clean and fair game.

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