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Boycott of pork in southern due to steroids us

The number of pork consumers is high in many countries. Therefore pork producers, who are in a competitive market of animal products, have to ensure that the efficiency of pork produced is always high. A high quality of pork is always in high demand. This is due to the fact that high usage leads to high sales especially when the product is efficient.

Many strategies can be used by the pork producers to ensure high quality pork such as selection of pigs, introducing improved feed and the improved facilities for pig farming. Implementation of such strategies ensure the commercial and market demand are met.


With the recent developments, they have introduced illegal steroid induced feed. The effect of steroid induced rather than the usual feed is that it increases the rate of muscle growth in pig hence increase in the quantity rather than the quality of pork produced. Farmers across the globe have adapted this new feed and have been using them in order to meet the commercial demand efficiently. However, the main problem that arises from this is that the pork produced is steroid contaminated. Farmers have been drugging their livestock.

The use of steroid contaminated pork can result in serious health issues such as asthma, cardiac arrest and many other steroid side effects. The use of steroid is a serious crime in many countries around the world.

Recently, in Southern Vietnam, there have been many suspicion and reports on the steroid contaminated pork being sold in public by many farmers. This resulted in the local police investigation to run a raid on many local farms. The test team took many samples from numerous pigs and from different brand of feed on many farms for laboratories tests. The tests confirmed the presence of steroids hence proved positive for steroid contaminated pork. The news spread across the whole region causing people to boycott the use of all the pork that was being sold in the area.

After the southern Vietnam regions boycott on pork, reports on steroid contaminated pork being sold in the northern region emerged onto the scene. According to a statement by deputy head at the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry, Xuan Duong said that the steroid was found in animal feed used as well as it was contaminated in pork. These samples were collected from Bac Ninh,Hai Duong and Dong Nai provinces in the Northern Vietnam. The result showed a very low level of steroid contamination but the tests  showed positive for around 90 samples taken.

Dong Nai province is one of the major pork supplier to the Ho Chi Minh City, the feed that was sold in the market has shown positive test for sample of banned substances such as ractopamine and salbutamol.

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