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Dessert at Breakfast May Help Dieters

If you are on a diet you would mostly take in the food which would help you in your dieting plan. Obviously that food is more nutritious and lesser in quantity as compared to the normal food. It would be quite strange to think that desserts, which are normally considered to ruin your dieting plan, can also help you in your dieting plan. But the scientists after a comprehensive research have come down with this result that dessert at the breakfast may actually help in dieting. The detail report on this study would be published in the March Issue of Journal Steroids which is set to come on March 10.

A proper research was conducted in which the sample size was of 144 persons. These 144 people were obese. The ages of these people ranged from 20 years to 65 years. These 144 people were randomly distributed in to two groups. These two groups were provided with a diet that was low in carbohydrates.  One group was of males and the other group was of females. Male group was given 1600 calories on a daily basis and the female group was given 1400 calories on a daily basis. The diet given to both the groups was similar but there was one major difference in them. Breakfast of one group was enriched in protein and high levels of carbohydrates and they also had a choice to take cake or ice cream, cookies and chocolates to be taken in their breakfast.

During the whole study regular tests of insulin in blood level, glucose and lipid were conducted of the participants. Another special test of Ghrelin was also conducted. Ghrelin is a hormone responsible in the stimulation of appetite. During the first 16 weeks in this research results were identical in both groups. Individual in both the groups lost average of 32 pound of weight. But in the follow up 16 weeks results were quite different. Group taking desserts along with their breakfast had very unusual results as compared to other group. This dessert taking group, on average, lost about 13 pounds of weight. On the other hand there was no weight loss in the other group. In fact most of them put back weight of 3 pounds on average of all the weight they had lost during dieting.

Dessert taking individuals had levels of Ghrelin on the lower side in their bodies and maintained them and felt comfortable. According to Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz from University of Tel Aviv, most of the people again put on the weight no matter what diet they are taking. But cravings can be decreased if you eat what you like to eat.

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