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Devon Alexander and Marcos Maidana will be tested for steroids

Alexander Devon and Marcos Maidana will be tested for steroids before their February 25th clash.This is being made because of Maidana’s accusations of Devon’s alleged use of performance enhancing substances. These back and forth accusations have led to the hiring of an independent firm that will test both participants for the use of performance enhancing drugs. Tim Lueckenhoff, the director of athletics in Missouri has released a statement to this effect and given the fact that this is going to be a very big fight, they are going to be tested as soon as they have been weighed so that none of them is cheating. The trading of accusation is nothing more than an interesting charade, with Maidana being said to have cold feet and for that reason is making the accusations against his potential opponent. All the parties are looking up to the fight and the results of the blood and urine test and with the background of the accusations it is going to be the fight of the year. The results are yet to be known and we will find out. However, this is just one of the many instances where athletes have been alleged to be using performance enhancing drugs. Mike Tyson was alleged several times to be using performance enhancing drugs, and there was an instance in which he bit the ear of his opponent during a match. The pressure to win at all costs is what makes athletes go to extremes such as these to win their medals and have a taste of fame. The culture in which we live does not make the situation any better and the age of users is coming down extremely fast. There have been users as young as high school age, who know how and where to get steroids and have formed their own  rings of influence in which they supply steroids for their own use. Anabolic steroids sell like hot cakes and are attractive thanks to their ability to increase the muscle mass of the users as well as the strength. Users who want to avoid the side effects of anabolic steroids (gynecomastia, depression, Virilization, premature balding, watery muscles etc) will use these anabolic steroids with others in a process called as stacking. Stacking is meant to prevent the side effects of some steroids although this will introduce the side effects of the others, which may include liver problems and so forth. In many ways, there is more harm than good that comes with the use of steroids. One is most likely to have hypertension and heart attack when using steroids and the gains are temporary since they disappear with the cessation of the use of any steroids.

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