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Glaucoma could be caused by Steroids

A recent discovery in the fields of optics and intraocularly has been done by some Indian doctor of particularly Chandigarh. It was stating that Glaucoma, A condition or disease of gained pressure within the eyeball, rooting to gradual loss of vision, could be caused because of using steroids.

If you feel like that your eye sight is getting weaker day by day so don’t ignore it and consider it as a matter of little concern. Because this can also be the near sign of the beginning of Glaucoma, which is gradual loss of sight and then spoiling of optic nerve resulting in complete loss of eyesight. Doctors have made the statement that Glaucoma which was first considered as condition alleging only to the one who is more than 40 years old can now also be present in children and youngsters. And this is caused in them because of consumption of steroids in various eye drops, ointment or drugs, causing them to face great troubles.

Although Glaucoma did not have such appropriate and instant symptoms or indications for itself but common variation in the eyesight of one and hindrance in vision in dark are its early symptoms. Ophthalmologist of PGI, Dr Sushmita Kaushik said that typically there are two types of glaucoma, one is primary and other one is secondary. In the Primary case, there is not any exact and specific reason for it. While any damage to the eye or haphazard and unwise use of steroids causes secondary glaucoma. She further said that her staff received almost 20% of the 200 glaucoma patients who are suffering from this because of consuming the steroids.

She further more adds that people thinks that those who are suffering from glaucoma and the normal ones have very less difference in their sight especially during driving. Whereas it is noted that glaucoma patients can see easily the things and objects which are in front of them, but they cannot see those objects and things which are on their sides.

It has been observed that 10% of the population worldwide is suffering from glaucoma because of using steroids. But still it cannot be specific and confirmed that who can be the victim of this ailment. So in this case, to avoid the circumstances, people especially those who are diabetic or blood pressure patients should have their routine eye checkups and examinations predominately after they are 40 years old. Also it is recommended for those too, who are facing long sightedness and have vision power of -4. Any variation in the blood pressure of eye’s optic nerves can result in glaucoma, which will then cause optic nerve to damage, resulting in complete loss of sight.

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