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Green Tea might obscure Olympic Doping Tests

The writer is sharing his views that he is not an incessant idol and very much inspired by games, said in blunt and harsh manner that Olympic Games are always presented in dramatic way. The country in which these games are organized always show their customs and civilizations before the time of commencement of games and make a delightful moment for the audience present there and some players participate in such an ambiguous games which are having no worth at all.

When the winning possibility increase then people do acrobats, some cry in happiness, every player of winning team get its reward according to his performance and most of all, people belong to that nation feel pleasure and are observed in joyous mood. Such an aesthetic scene cannot be defined in words. But the disappointed moment comes when the same winning player is blamed for using the drugs often consumed for enhancing muscles and gaining weight. This happened recently with American ex-baseball player Barry Bonds.

Now the forthcoming games of Olympics are expected to be arranged in London, scripter described a regrettable research issued by some British council that some players use green tea which might conceals the ratio of steroids in their blood by 30%.

Now researchers are seeking ways to detect the accurate amount of drugs consumed by a person while using green tea in which catechins are used to reduce the chance of any diseases and keeps the person healthy for a maximum time.

A professional teacher of Kingston University, Declan Naughton and another researcher gave their comments that sometimes catechins hide the level of steroids used by a player and hence the result of urine and other tests come negative which means player can play in Olympics which mean he had not used any drugs yet. But the results may vary if several players are tested.

The director and one of the investigator of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) said in surprising manner that how can an ordinary tea can completely change the results of tests done to check that whether the person had used drugs or not. Such methods should be discovered which tells exactly that whether any diet or other genetic defect altered the report of that player or not.

There are many such players who use a large amount of green tea and even for a long time to disguise the long-lasting effects of steroids, legal decision and act should be taken against those players right away, told by an expert, Charles Yesalis in the University of Pennsylvania.

Finally writer says that such description is difficult to share but green tea is not only the source which affects the reports but other factors may be included.

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