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“King Mo” tested positive for steroid test

“King Mo” tested positive for steroid test

Muhammed Lawal, nicknamed as “King Mo” was born on 11th January 1981, is a martial artist presently in contract with Strikeforce, the organization for multi fighting. He is national champion in u.s. wrestling.

After he won over Lorenz in January, King Mo had a positive on his steroid test, which contained the banned substance of Drostanolone. After reports came in, his manager announced that they were being crystal clear about this whole matter for the single reason that they want people to be aware of what products they are using. He urged sports men to do full research before using any product that is showing extraordinary results.

According to his manager Kogan, the legendary King was using a dietary supplement named S-Mass Lean containing this substance. King and Kogan both claim that they were unaware of it. Kogan said that these supplements should be more regulated and public should be made aware of such instances.

Sadly, the supplement company cannot be fully blamed for not disclosing the actual ingredients to its consumers since the synonyms for the banned and illegal ingredients on the bottle label.

The supplement label listed 2 of the controversial steroids causing a lot controversy between anti doping agencies as well as federal regulators. The element names were disguised names for synthetic drugs generally recognized as Promagnon and Superdrol.

King Mo’s urinalysis for anti doping detected a customized version of Superdrol.

A R (Anabolic Resources) is the company which first launched Superdrol in the dietary supplement, got charged by federal government about 5 years back for launching this drug without getting prior approval. On pleading guilty, this company was recently fined a sentence of $500,000. Anabolic Resources accepted that Superdrol has indeed been fraudulently promoted as part of the dietary supplement, even when it’s actually a steroid.

Despite being aware of the authenticity of these synthetic steroids, as well as the reputation of its  makers of these drugs, numerous supplement companies continue to pack these banned steroids as part of the dietary supplements. Even the industry people are aware of this fact and still they continue to use this stuff.

We wouldn’t be expecting too much if we assume that athletes are a little suspicious about using products which have titles promoting anabolics in them. It would be just like allowing one’s self to be fooled by these companies. Most athletes are aware of the dangers of using such steroids, and still they continue to go for it, even after being aware that doping is very frequently checked for in recent times.

Since the regulatory body has to take on with a lot of nutritional companies, they generally don’t make products conform to a lot of standards.

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