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Liz Chegia disqualified for anabolic steroid use

Racing competition of the Greyhounds at South Australia has published out the results of the inquiry on 22nd of February 2012. This inquiry was done on the Greyhound Man of honour related to Mrs. Elizabeth Chegia by the Grey Hound Racing South Australia Stewards in collaboration with some legal forensic Australian laboratory.

Man of Honour gave positive results of the test done for inquisitive anabolic steroids which are prohibited. Sources have said that Mrs. Elizabeth Chegia was send a letter about this case, that Man of honor had reacted like it has given the banned steroid Boldenone. This was observed in the meeting of Greyhound racing South Australia held on 11th of December 2011. It was notified by Mrs. Elizabeth Chegia that she did not mind if the Man of Honour’s urine sample be sent to the argumentative laboratory of Forensic science for the further inquiry. Afterwards, Australian Forensic Laboratory examines the sent urine sample of Man of honour and they corroborated the claim, that Boldenone was present. Then Mrs. Chegia was requested to be present at the further investigation of the analyzed results at the workplace of Greyhound Racing South Australia.

Boldenone was the one of the famous anabolic steroids given to hounds before being banned. It was given to increase the confidential level and arrogance to those racing greyhounds which were fearful and nervous.

Mrs. Elizabeth Chegia accused for violating the policies and rules of Greyhound Racing R83 South Australia. This rule clearly says that those greyhounds participating in the Racing competition R83 should be gratis of any sort of banned and forbidden materials. (2) The one who train, owns or is having alleged for the greyhound- should be a candidate to participate in the race; they should show off the required tests results which are mandatory; Greyhound prior to offered to any analysis or test, should be completely free and liberated from all kinds of the materials and substances which are banned and which can have inappropriate undesired results. (3) If greyhound is detected to be carrying banned or prohibited substance, then its owner or trainer shall be responsible and will be affronted. (4) A greyhound which opposes the above desires, rules, policies and specimens then will be considered as ineligible for the relative event. (5) If the event, tournament or the competition comprises of series. And if a greyhound fails according to above mentioned rules and case for any sort of examination or analysis in any one of the series then it will be considered as disqualified for further series and events.

Mrs. Chegia further appealed for more investigation of this accusation and was then specified as disqualified candidate for almost five months.

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