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Man Arrested with 1,763 Steroid Pills in Upper Montclair

The Montclair Police Department provided the press with the following arrests made:

Arrest:  An East Orange woman aged 35 namely Catherine Judy Green was taken into custody on the bases of fraudulent actions. The police arrested the accused On April 2 at 9:48 a.m. The accusations on the woman were that she tried to deposit a $225 check which was void. Earlier she also tried to withdraw a $100 check which was found to be phony as well. The police were able successful in their arrest through the description provided by the caller regarding her car and also with the evidences found on the crime scene.

Narcotic Arrest:  539 Valley Road in Upper Montclair was the perfect place for the Montclair police department to apprehend a drug dealer. The incident took place near the Valley National Bank, in a parking lot. The Montclair Police vice Control Unit arrested a 27 years old East Rutherford male, from whom 1,763 pills were discovered. On confirmation it was brought to notice that in fact these pills were Turanabol pills, these pills are categorized as anabolic steroid. Also from the arrested male the police were able to confiscated $2,135. The charges on the accused were of possession of controlled substance together with intension to sell those drugs.

Burglary:  On March 31, in Clarewill Avenue home, a burglary was reported. The event is thought of to have taken place during the time frame of 12:30 am to 6:00 am. However, the report was made by the victims at 10:00 am. According to the claimants, they had forgotten to lock their back door. Due to this the burglars were able to find their way in the home. It was reported by the effected personals that four cell phones together with a hand full of cash had been taken by those burglars. The police are working on this case and for more assistance have asked for the citizens to help in this investigation. Anyone with any sort of helpful information can contact Detective Turner personally or via phone call. His number is 973-509-4724.

Burglary: Similarly on April 2nd another burglary took place at an Elston Road home. The reported time provided by the police department was at 9:34 p.m. In the briefing, the policemen told the press regarding the crime scene. They (policemen) saw a broken window, which shows that the burglars smashed the window in order to make their entry in the residence. As for the stolen items include, it was told that the thief’s made their way to the families safe and took it with them. In that safe were the family’s jewelries and collectable coins.

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