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McKay not dogged by steroid ties to Canseco, McGwire

McKay is the person who ran a major league strengthen course with Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire. And in the McGwire case, McKay was one of the biggest defenders until his McGwire himself admitted to have been using steroids. In 2007, Mitchell Report’s accused McKay to be involved in the use of steroids, however the sources were unreliable. These accusations did not create hindrance for McKay as he was hired by the Cubs’ as a coach. He, McKay, also presented himself for investigation in front of the media and told he had nothing to hide.

Cubs’ president, Theo Epstein also inducted Eric Gagne after being satisfied of the player being free from steroids and other drugs. Eric Gagne formerly played for Boston Red Sox. As McKay talked about his players he justified stating that no one uses steroids to prove his statement he also presented with the strength and conditioning test he conducted. Though Jose was accused for the use of steroids, as he talked relating this topic very often, McKay clarified this statement as wrong and vague.

Further on he added that due to the loss of his (Jose’s) father who died fighting against cancer and due to the fact that this disease runs in his family, had made Jose more conscious relating his diet and that Jose avoided supplements such as steroids.

McKay also brought into notice that he had warned Canseco not to be involved in the use of steroids. He said “I looked at him, and I said: ‘You know what? You’d better be careful. You’d
better be careful, and I think that’s all I left him with.”

As for earlier events in his life, He explained neither that he (McKay) knew about McGwire’s use of steroids nor was he trying to save him from the punishment. McKay truly felt the strength was due to his hard work. Also by the looks of it McGwire din not have that built of a steroid user.

Later on McKay told that he got quite disturber by the fact that the person he was defending admitted to be using steroids. MacKay said, “The part that bothered me the most was I defended Mark. He called me when he admitted that he used it, and he apologized because I defended him. . . .” Further on in his interview McKay said he felt like an idiot defending someone who isn’t even on the same grounds as he (McKay) was. Later on that day he told his wife of his future plan which is to mind his own business and not to go on defending other people whom he knew not much of.

According to McKay this event has not affected his reputation in the game. Though what he has learned from this event is that one should go in the direction he feels is right

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