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Minor Baseball Player tested positive for three different steroids

Using prohibited steroids is common in today’s competitive world and especially in the sports world where every player wants to perform better than the other, using steroid is the easiest shot to success.

Dustin Richardson was born on the 9th of January 1984, in Kansas. He’s a 26 year old American baseball pitcher, who previously played for Boston Red Sox. He very recently pitched for the Minor League. But this is not what would make him famous in baseball history.

The fact that he very tested positive for steroids is also not uncommon in minor leagues. In spite of this, the dramatic way in which he failed the test is what will make people remember him for a long time.

Dustin showed a positive for not one but three anabolic steroids. These steroids were Dianabol (methandienone), Trenbolone and Primobolan (methenolone). If you thought this is it then there’s more from where that came from. In addition to these 3 steroid substances, he was caught stacking Arimidex (anastrozole) as well as Amphetamine. Many prescription drugs contain amphetamine but players generally need exemption to use these drugs. However, Richardson was not on any kind of a therapeutic medical exemption, however it’s not apparent which drug was in the system. Even then medical drugs are rarely combined like this.

Fives substances found in one person’s urinalysis is something to talk about. This is what has bought this young man notoriety.

Everyone is aware of the side effects of using steroids which in many cases can even lead to death. It still does not stop many athletes from stacking multiple steroid substances to find maximum benefits. Stacking is the practice of merging 2 or more steroids substances. Supposedly there are techniques with steroid users as well as all over the internet stating which substances to stack to get increase benefits and decrease its adverse effects. Though there’s no science behind it. Although stacking can increase adverse effects since every steroid has its own side effects and they all become additives to each other.

After being proved guilty for doping is now to face a 50 game suspension if he were to continue playing.

Richardson stopped returning calls while only his mother could be contacted. She said that he was given these drugs by a local gym and it’s the first time he has ever used such substances. She added that my son is taking responsibility for his actions and he’s ashamed. It’s the biggest mistake of his life. He’s currently working hard to get a new contract. She prays someone gives him another chance and he just might get it   since he has the enduring combo of a pitcher as well as left-hander.


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