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New asthma treatment better for children

Asthma is a major problem in Canada and especially for children. Earlier in the Pollen season lot of children were brought to the emergency of different hospitals and no immediate treatment was there to be started until and unless some senior doctor would come and diagnose the patient. But this is not the case now. According to a research conducted by New Ottawa, nurses can give oral steroids to the asthma patients brought in emergency and those oral steroids would make their condition stable and this phenomenon would save money for the hospital and would lead to the quick recovery of the patient.

As Pollen season is approaching again and Eastern Ontario’s Children hospital is ready with its arrangement to cope up with nearly 2500 children who are brought to emergency for respiratory problems every year. But due to the new research children can get immediate aid from the triage nurse and by the time the doctor would arrive the condition would be much more stable. By getting this immediate aid child normally heals much quicker before the doctor actually comes, says triage nurse at the Children Hospital in Eastern Ontario, Francine Leduc.

The research behind all this was conducted by Dr. Roger Zemek from Ottawa which was also published in the journal of pediatrics. He says that if this phenomenon, of giving oral steroids to a child before the arrival of a doctor, is conducted then child would be spending very less recovery time at the hospital and can return home very soon as compared to the early treatment methods. According to him this new method is very effective, efficient and cost saving method to make our kids feel much better and get them healthier in a timely manner. He further added and termed this phenomenon as a win-win situation in a way that due to this method child would be recovered quickly and beds would be free in the hospital and which could come in use for other patients. Zemek is also of the view that due to the efficiency and effectiveness this method would sooner be applied in hospitals all over Canada. Because he says that in his eyes and according to the research this is the only viable method which can be applied to be more efficient with the amount or lack of resources which are already present in the hospitals. The research conducted by Dr. Zemek took about two years and looking at the encouraging results of the research more and more hospitals are adopting this technique. Apart from quick healing of a child, parents can also take a sigh of relief seeing their child in less pain due to this phenomenon.

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