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Number of people injecting themselves with steroids to build up their muscles has risen

The ratio of using drugs and specially steroids for muscle-enhancing purpose is increased in previous year as this report is given by a bureau which does research on all such medicines and drugs.

The name of that agency is Addiction Recovery Agency (ARA) which is in south-west of England because many users come to ask for clean syringes so that they can inject without any fear because there are many life-threatening diseases which are caused by those needles that are already used. These includes viral infections transmitted from injured skin, chronic diseases e.g., HIV, bacterial and viral cross contamination and sepsis.

The chief executive officer of ARA, Peter Walker said that to use injection is insecure as if it is insisted in wrong place can cause brain hamerage and if in bone then can cause fracture. But patients use it for injecting steroids so it relies on those shops from where they are buying those syringes.

If users buy those needles from illegal shops which are often unauthorized and fake then they will surely be endangered. But atleaset we can help such people so that they use material of good quality but such people are indulge habitually in such activities if we helped them once.

Often shopkeepers sell those clean syringes as to protect the people from infectious diseases which are transmitted between people but such people should consult their physicians to take an idea of regimen.

According to ARA, the cases of such patients has increased as they use either infected needles or they do not take those steroids in prescribed amount.

Worker of National Health Service (NHS), Karen Daniel, said that they are not aware of any such increasing cases. But he also said that such users should get an opinion atleast once from their general physicians.

Mr. Peter told that further three cases are observed also in 2012. He said about steroids that it should not be used as it is a barred drug used as a medicine.

The advantage of using such drug is that they can make people confident, feel some relieve from discomfort, more active than to their normal conditions and temporarily some allergic diseases may be cured but they also have side-effects as they week the decision quality of a person and after few time, the same person will not be even able to solve simple assignments.

If a person uses steroids in excessive amount then instead of building of his muscles, they can be week but abnormality may be discovered after sometime. These are the reasons, they are often be avoided by the doctors and some lighter dose of medicines are prescribed as to get rid of several diseases and prescribe beneficial supplements.

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