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Pedro Martinez Interview on Steroids

Pedro Martinez is a retired Baseball pitcher from Major League. During his career he played for many teams. He had the highest winning percentage of any player with more than 200 games. Recently he went to Boston’s WEEI to help his brother in raising fund for Jimmy fund and Pedro Martinez and Brothers foundation. He also gave an interview and when he was asked about the usage of Steroids, he answered in a big no on using steroids.

He was asked that whether he was at any time tempted to take steroids? He said that when he was in Triple A, he was told that he is too small and also very fragile to become a pitcher in Dodgers Organization in Big Leagues. There, he says, “I felt tempted. One of my friends told me about a doctor to go and visit him. But there was nothing clarified about the side effects of using steroids. But one thing was specifically told that some areas of man would be damaged after the use of steroids. Keeping this thing in mind I said that in no way I would go towards it”. He further added that “steroids have had their share in baseball. They smoothly came in baseball stayed there, did their job and also did a fare share of damage to baseball. It was thought by people that one cannot survive without steroids in baseball but I wanted to prove people that they are wrong and I did it pretty successfully. I am so much thankful in not doing any illegal action.”

Pedro throughout his career was not of the view that taking steroids is cheating but he just do not wanted any damage to his certain body parts. He is also not of the view that known steroid users should be in hall of fame. He says he will be sad that guys who did so well throughout their careers would not be able to go with us in hall of fame but it was their own choice and it was a matter of responsibility which they had taken on their own selves and they will have to face the consequences over that. He said “I am glad not to have used steroids throughout my life even though some times when I was injured and I was criticized for missing my games due to that (as by taking steroids I could have recovered more quickly). I am glad I had a clean career because if you had such a great career and when you are accused of using steroids for your wonderful performances, it ruins everything. It’s sad but it’s one’s own choice and responsibility.”

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