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Rafael Nadal criticizes French television for steroid parody

Rafael Nadal is a Spanish professional erstwhile player of tennis and was on rank 1 but on 2nd April 2012, he was rated as second player by the Association of Tennis Professional (ATP).

He was one of the most important player of his time as he won several titles and was also awarded by gold medal in 2008 in Olympics.

A French television broadcasted a program in which they showed a humorless act of copying Rafael with little exaggeration to produce fun for viewers.

Rafael was asked about that act of foolish puppet show in which he was using a pen shaped like the needle of steroid and urine were showed similar to gasoline which is used as a fuels in motor vehicles. He was disturbed and as a result used unpleasant words to show his feelings.

We had also noticed his some speeches after Davis cup in which he had discussed few things which were not as much important but led him to a more serious matter.

His one interview is discussed here which was taken when Spain won the Davis cup in 2011.

He said that he would never apologize without realizing the sense of proof. He said that it is the issue in France that anybody cannot trust anyone because people observe one another with suspicious eyes. This is not the reason to laugh but every man have his own humorous bantering. The jokes of every country are different while the people living in Spain and France have totally change attitude, ideology and way of thinking and behaving. Most of the people do not have any idea about professional games and how WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) fight against those sportsmen who use drugs during their career of playing. He also said that he had never used steroids and was never doped so blaming him for using steroids is totally inevitable. Instead of all this, he worked many hours in a day but after working all the day, he feels fatigue which is obviously natural.

Anybody can see his emotions by his facial expressions because he never became angry due to any reason evens due to such an act on television.

On other hand, Djokovic is also a fantastic player and he played 30 matches against Rafael. Out of these, Nadal won 16 while Djokovic 14. Djokovic is only a player by which Nadal was defeated more than ten times while Djokovic won seven consecutive matches and this is a record against him.

Djokovic also won in the final of Australian open in 2012 and match was continued to five hours and 53 minutes while Nadal is also one of the player who lost three consecutive grand slams of tennis.

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