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Robertson at the unveiling of the London 2012 Anti-Doping Laboratory

As we know that almost after 2.5 months, Olympic games will be arranged in London this year but the cases of all those players who were caught due to the use of steroids could be neglected by the unsatisfied laws of United Kingdom.

The government of London corroborated that they will not restrict the drugs if anybody use them in their country during Olympic games as it was completely controlled by other countries where Olympic games were organized in past.

Even using these drugs by athletes is illegal in London and higher authorities left the decision in the hand of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) that they can take any step for limiting the use of it.

Advisor of Olympic’s minister Hugh Robertson said that any sportsman can use the steroids in United Kingdom but they have to face the agency for further investigations if they are seen using drugs somewhere in London.

Some countries i.e. Australia, China and Italy tighten the rules for steroid users before Olympic games.

Olympic games were organized in Vancouver, Canada and before its inauguration, they made their strict rules for all steroid consumers and even some criminals were put to jail for 18 months as they used drugs which were already prohibited. Before this, Olympics were held in Sydney, Australia in 2000, Australia enforced a law that alarmed all those who either wanted to use the steroids or bring them in their country as steroids are also like drugs.

In 2008, Olympic games were arranged in a Beijing which is a capital of China and they took such a rigorous decision and also castigated them according to the  rules of sports.

It might be the reason due to which the government of London disapproved all such decisions that law of European union subverts the laws of British government. If a situation come where a jury is said to choose any one law then he will preferably select the law of European union.

WADA does not interfere in the administrative decisions made by the government of the country where the games are intended to be organized. But it is obvious and each individual understands that every country has some strict rules regarding drugs so that the agency does not face any problem regarding the issues of consuming steroids.

Obviously some steps are taken in such a big event where number of sportsmen around the world will gather for entertaining as well as for fame and name.

As Britain is governed by a conservative political party and such a decision regarding drugs surprised many people. Especially Robertson has totally opposed the use of such drugs.

In China during Olympics, 18 sportsman were banned when the result of their tests came positive.

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