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Rubio on Chavez’s Stamina

Last week there was a boxing bout between Marco Antonio Rubio and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in San Antonio. In this fight Chavez Jr was the unanimous winner at the end of the fight. Boxing channel of Al-Bernstein covered this match in San Antonio. Al-Bernstein says that there was a doubt shown by Rubio about his opponent saying that his opponent (Chavez) may be using some drugs for enhancing the performance and due to this very reason Chavez was able to win over Rubio. This was told by Al-Bernstein on twitter. Further saying that Rubio was of the view that Chavez was very much struggling in making the weight but still he showed a very good stamina. This perhaps could be due to the reason that he is using some drugs to enhance performance.

Usage of performance enhancing drugs and testing in boxing has been a long debate. Floyd Mayweather was the one who brought some ideas related to the issue. He was perhaps the only one who used the performance enhancing drugs. That perhaps opened the way for this. But that was only suited or meant to suit only and only Mayweather and it didn’t do any good or educated others about anything. He was selfish over that.  He has done nothing on that and do not have any plans for the future of changing anything.

There is not much awareness on this topic as well and due to this lack of awareness there is hysteria created about this. There was another incident last year when Andre Berto also charged Victor Ortiz of taking help of steroids to enhance his performance. But this is unethical and sometimes quite disturbing and damaging to charge someone using steroids without any proof. It is all not said to say that Chavez is totally clean, it is said that no one knows whether other one is clean or not but only the one who uses it knows what he has done. Because everyone is quite sensible to know about effect of using drugs that’s why we cannot say with authority that anyone has used it.

On the other hand, in the fight Chavez was looking tired and he came over his tiredness and became the winner and this is not for the first time that this scene has been witnessed where a boxer who was completely out of the game, came back from behind and became the winner. Chavez also mentioned about his tired and weakened legs at the end of the fight. But despite of all these facts Rubio do not have any clear evidence on the basis of which he could have charged Chavez of using drugs.

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