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Santos Blames someone For Positive Steroids Test

It’s like a sober person at a party and the next day that person wakes up with a hangover because the drink that his friends got him was spiked. Well, a case that is quite similar emerged in the world of mixed martial arts, when an athlete was suspended for drug abuse.

The former Strikeforce Women’s Featherweight champion and a top level Brazilian mixed martial artist, Cristiane  Justino Venancio Santos, commonly known to the world by her nickname of Cris Cyborg, came out attaining positive result for her drug test prior to her match against Hiroko. As a result, it caused her to lose her title and one year suspension.

Cris Cyborg, in an interview aired by the MMA prime TV, admits that she had made a mistake for taking something that was given to her in her training camp believing that whatever she took will help her lose weight. She needed to lose weight in order to prepare herself for her match. She strongly denied that she was unaware of the substance being steroid and that she, in her career, has never knowingly used steroids. Furthermore, she is totally against the use of steroids in professional sports.

In the video, she speaks about the mistake that she has made and the problem that she is facing at the moment is totally her responsibility. Whatever that happened has overshadowed her past career and achievements in the world of MMA and one single mistake has made her look like a cheater which she believes is not one.

Cristiane apologized to the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), to Hiroko and especially to her large fans following who she has let down by her own mistake. She further added that she never used steroids in her career and had passed every drug test. Whatever she has achieved in her career is through hard training and staying healthy. She also adds that every current and upcoming athlete should focus on training hard every day and staying healthy rather than using these drugs as they are harmful. Furthermore, she says that one can achieve his or her goals through hard work and training. She also advised people never to take something into their system without a proper prescription or recommendation from doctors.

She is said to have fired a few people from her training camp after being alleged of drug abuse. After apologizing to her fans again, she told that she is starting over and has been training very hard every day preparing herself for a triumphant comeback into the world of MMA. Meanwhile, training hard Cristiane has been regularly taking drugs test at the same laboratories where CSAC tests are taken to ensure to the world regularly that she does not take steroids.

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