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Steroid Injections can Relieve Pain, Reduce Iflammation says Research

Citrullination amount can be reduced in the body with the help of a therapy known as Glucocorticoid Therapy. Citrullination is a process in which arginine, which is a building block of protein, is converted into citrulline and this is perhaps what causes inflammation. Inflammation is caused in the joints along with rheumatoid arthritis. These findings were printed in Arthritis Research and Therapy.

Citrullinated proteins and enzymes such as PAD 2 and 4 in high levels were found in the patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. This phenomenon was mostly observed in the knees of the patients.  Anti Rheumatic drugs such as methotrexate did not had any effect on the levels of PAD 2 and 4. But on the other hand when the patients were injected with glucocorticoid injection, it reduced levels of PAD 4 and citrullinated proteins in the body. After the injection it was also observed that great amount of inflammation was also reduced.

Apart from Glucocorticoid , corticosteroids are another source of steroids which are very useful in reducing inflammation.  Corticosteroid also helps a great deal in curing the diseases such as bursitis and tendonitis. These steroids can be taken in number of ways such as by mouth, inhaled, applied to skin or by injection as well. Its most common used way is with the help of injections. Injections of Corticosteroids are known as Cortisone Injections. These injections can be used in treating problems in small areas of the body or they can also treat the problem of whole body. Some of the problems for which these injections are used are bursitis of shoulder, hip or knee etc. other include knee or joint arthritis.

Another form of cortisone injections is the epidural injections. These injections are given under the guidance of X-ray only by a specialist doctor and that too at a specific position at the lower back of the spinal canal of a person. This specific position is known as epidural space. This space is located near spinal fluid containing sac in the spine. Another form of injections of corticosteroids is Systematic injection which is used for the treatment of allergy and asthma etc.

Major benefit for a cortisone injection is that of reducing the inflammation but speed of reduction of inflammation is much faster as compared to the other anti inflammatory medicines taken orally. Other major advantage of using this is that there are minimal of side effects as compared to oral medication. Some of the side effects associated with cortisone injections are some skin problems at the site of injection. Heavy doses may cause weight gain, acne on skin, blood pressure problems and perhaps bones getting thinner.

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