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Steroid use has legal consequences, harmful effects

A survey conducted involving military personals in 2008 by the Department of Defense showed that 2.5 percent of the army personals have used steroids in the past 12 months. The cost of a steroid analysis ranges from $240 up to $365, compared to marijuana analysis cost which is $8. The report was published on a military website.

Under the article 112a, the use of steroids is considered to be a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice unless or until prescribed by the physician. If caught guilty the punishment could result in the rank reduction or even discharge from the army services. The misuse of a prescribed drug could also raise an issue regarding the trustworthiness of the personal. However, it is a matter of suspicion that the officials do conduct these tests.

According to the chief of the Department of Sports Medicine, Maj. Benjamin J. Ingram he told in Womack Army Medical Center that steroids are easily purchased of the internet. He further said that steroids could be also being accidentally been purchased as for sports supplements.  The Food and Drug Administration have a very little check on these food supplements. He added on and advised the service men to be cautious while selecting the supplements as many of them contains steroids in them.

Though on one side of the weight steroids increase a person’s baseline strength by about 5 to 20 percent but on the other hand it also has negative impacts through use of steroids. Some of which include bad cholesterol or LDL, which could cause stroke or heart attack, use of steroids damage liver. Also it causes to increase ones blood pleasure which could result in heart attack and a lowered immune system. Steroids could affect ones psychology which results in symptoms such as irritableness and frequent mood changes, a decrease in testicle size, in males it could cause enhancement of breast tissue in males and in women it could cause in baldness, deeper voice and even increase in facial hair

Maj. Benjamin J. Ingram however noted that creatine is a much safer alternative to then the use of steroids. Creatine is a material injected in fish, meat or is produced in the liver. It increases ones energy which in turn results in a person able to work harder and gaining greater strength. However creatine done not adapt with everybody and care must be given when working under heat and with people who have kidney disease.

When asked for Ingram’s personal opinion regarding best alternative to steroid or supplement use, he noted that he is not a fan of using supplements or steroids. He advised the service men to go to gym rather than use these performance enhancing drugs.  He said that the harmful effects of steroids outweigh it benefits. Furthermore Maj. Ingram advice the servicemen take adequate protein in their diet.

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