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Steroid use is all the rage as drug seizures soar

Looking at the past records it is undoubtedly seen the high increase in steroid use. The figures obtained by The Sunday Mail revealed the fact that customs seizures relating performance enhancing drugs have taken its peak up to 500 per cent. The figures showed the number of detections made in 2005/06, 2011/12 and 2012/13 (last financial year) were 1090, 2696 and 5559 respectively.

According to the gym owners and the trainers the whole cause of this increase in the use of steroids is due to young men being impressed by the celebrities and their enormous muscular built. A ‘t-shirt on’ policy is being introduced in music festivals as it keeps consumers more “comfortable in their surroundings.” This was confirmed by Onelove, which runs the Creamfields and Stereosonic music festivals.

Andrew Smith a personal trainer who has worked at several fitness centers in southeast Queensland told that this growth of steroids intake is actively increasing in the younger generation. Even steroids are now a day’s available in the small gyms.  Further on in his interview he mentioned hearing people who actually timed the steroid course for music festivals.

According to Andrew Smith this is a shallow pursuit. He also stated that this boom had led to an anti social culture.

Form all the experiences gained by Andrew Smith he concluded that a lot of those people who use steroids are unproductive in their goal and aren’t very friendly.

Stuart Murray, an Australian sports medicine spokesman, blamed internet to be one of the cause for this prevailing situation.  As he stated that internet has made it quite easy for people to obtain such drugs. He said, “If you want this stuff, you can get it”. Dr. Murray further said “I can see this problem just getting worse.” That is, he predicted that if in future this course of action is not taken into concern then, he believed the situation would worsen of.

Jason Suna who is an owner of a gym and is an ex-amateur bodybuilder, he himself used steroids to enhance his body muscles. However, he too in time faced the consequences of the use of such drugs. As he said, the use left him emotionally disturbed. He explained that the use of performance enhancements affect the mind of the user and like him affects one emotionally.

According to Jason Suna steroids would keep on showing their magic up to the point one uses them. However ones left, the steroids remain in the body of its user for an additional one month and then it starts to diminish off, resulting in the substantial weight loss. He also added that such people are not worth calling as bodybuilders, they are merely doing it for their looks.

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