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Steroids are common in the treatment of adrenal fatigue

Adrenal glands are located at the top of both kidneys in human body and they naturally produce some chemicals which are called as hormones which perform some specific tasks in our body such as they control our digestive system, when we are tensed, they control our behavior and are also responsible for maturation of different sexes.

We are social animals and we live in a society where we have to keep balance in all our social relations as sometimes we need our family wile in other time we need our friend or spouse for sharing for feelings but during this all, we sometimes feel hesitation and we do no feel relax and that is all due to the tiredness of adrenal glands when they do not produce as much hormones according to our need. Then we often visit some general physicians and they prescribe us some medicines or steroids which are also a type of drugs but they should not be used for long duration as there is always some prescribed amount of time and duration for that. There are possibly some other ways by which we can overcome our tiredness.

The thing which e should keep in mind that our family and friends are given us a gift from God so we should learn something good from them as well as in return we should also give them some compliments for their appreciation. And if will we not give them anything then according to research, our glands producing adrenal hormones will be destroyed and we will be of no use to others in the end.

Some drugs specially steroids are prescribed by doctors for adrenal tiredness but some medicines and drugs are newer one prescribed to us by physicians so they should be used with complete care.

Sometimes these steroids can cause many side effects such as white blood cells become week and we are no more resistive to germs, change our behavior and sometimes we even do not give respect to our family members. We cannot use these drugs if we have any disease of skin or lungs but if any patient consume them on time with correct amount then he/she can be fit and fine again and we should always consult to our doctors about our daily routine or what we eat usually.

One way to get relief from tension is that we should never take those assignments which we cannot complete on time and we should simply say no for that as it will not harm us physically. Sometimes we will think that we are not serving our humanity but nothing is more than our health and we should help them but in little way which can give us inner happiness too.

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