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The hulking Machine Gun Kelly was arrested on 7th April amid steroid allegations

Richard Colson Baker who is 22 years now was born on 22 April, 1990 and is known by his name of Machine Gun Kelly. The committee of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) declared that it was proved after the test when it came positive that a wrestler, Machine Gun Kelly used drugs for enhancing his muscles to get fame in his wrestling career.

This year, wrestle mania was organized on 28 April, 2012 in which rock and John Cena fought each other. Before this, they faced each other many times but this time, the Rock won the heart of people of Miami which is the coastern city of Florida. Gossips are started related to some famous matches by fans after wrestle mania. Prior to the match of Rock and Cena, MGK who was incapable of being conquered, used muscle enhancing steroids to get maximum benefit.

Many fans of WWE were busy in commenting and questioning on previous Sunday’s scene of MGK that why and how he used steroids? A famous internet user who often commented on such discussions said that his body and muscles were not seemed to be natural as they should be. Such a body cannot be built without the use of drugs and it was simply impossible according to people when they looked his physique.

MGK had presented his all test reports of urine and blood before his match and his reports were clearly showing that his level of using drugs was not upto the mark and it was proved that he had continually used steroids, drugs for gaining weight and other substances which not changed only his appearance but also his behavior with people. Even some of his bones and other body parts were also affected.

A man from management of WWE told to the persons of press that from that morning, they were having no legal relationship with MGK and never he will be given any chance to play any match in WWE. That person in behalf of all committee wished MGK best luck for his forthcoming goals of success.

WWE said in a press release that they will now sign an agreement with Tramar Dillard, born on 17 September, 1979, known as rapper Flo Rida who had never used such drugs and steroids and has the real muscles and body. He also had performed in many role plays and won several awards. He is also a professional singer and sung many songs and released many albums which are very much appreciated and these all qualities made him an eligible person for WWE.

He already appeared in wrestle mania on first April and spent his time in short clip with Tyler Reks before the match of two famous superstars Rock and John Cena.

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