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The Surprising Connection Between Brutality and Steroid Use

In the past few decades the world has witnessed tones of cases of police brutality, which interestingly have been connected to steroids. It is shocking, but the people who are supposed to be protecting you are actually using steroids. Firefighters and policemen are using steroids now more than ever, and one may wonder why they are using steroids while working for the public. There is an explanation; the first being that they are always dealing with armed criminals and this may have taken a toll on them. The use of steroids to increase their body strength and muscle mass will make them have more confidence in working. Policemen are always on the frontline dealing with drug gangs and firefighters are always dealing with emergencies, which sorting out takes a toll on their physical strength. Steroids are known to increase aggression and perhaps this is one of the main reason they use steroids in the first place. They want to be able to work more aggressively especially when they have to deal with danger in their day to day lives. However the aggression has been negative when they have been turned on the wrong people. Come to think of it, police are not allowed to be brutal-not even when dealing with these violent criminals. They want to bulk up and have an edge on these criminals so that they do not have an advantage over them, but this is taken out on the people they are supposed to be protecting.

The fact that police officer are being discouraged from the use of steroids does not make any difference. They are rarely tested for the use of steroids even while they are tested for other hard drugs like cocaine and marijuana. A good number of police brutality cases in the United States have been linked to the use of steroids, especially roid rage, which is brought about by having a lot of testosterone in the body. Some of them are dealing wit the steroids themselves, which is rather disappointing as they are distributing steroids to the communities they are supposed to be protecting. Police officers have been known to work with steroid rings in the making and distribution of steroids among users. Brutality has been turned on the physically helpless, like old people and unarmed youth which has sparked public outrage in many places.  It is obvious that something needs to be done about this situation and the concerned authorities need to know that this is a problem that needs to be dealt with. Police officers need to be tested for steroids to prevent them liaising with the wrong people and lead to the distribution of steroids in the market. The tests need to be random and the people who need them for medical reasons need to have genuine reasons.

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